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Serious Business 2023

Every January the beauty industry is buzzing about the Serious Business Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Serious Business is all about the business of beauty, focusing on education, exploration, and cultivating a successful atmosphere in an ever-changing world. The conference is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with other leaders in the industry to form bonds, receive advice, and inspire ideas.

This year's concept for Serious Business centered around Carol Sanford's "The Indirect Work", which focuses on tackling a multitude of struggles from the inside out. Emotional, physical, or financial there's many different ways to navigate and conquer any problem that arises in the work place. The panelists of this year's conference discussed these trial and tribulations how to overcome by looking inward at the core of the issue and find the most constructive solutions and how to grow from them.

Tina has had the honor of attending the conference 19 times already and every year it continues to inspire and drive her to reach new levels in her personal career. This year was exceptionally special since it was Tina’s first time attending Serious Business since she opened Couture Color Studio, and as a budding salon it’s more important now than ever to dive head first into every opportunity to grow and learn.

Let's see what next year has to offer!


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